The CMU:DIY Workshops

A series of workshops for aspiring artists and future music industry talent

CMU:DIY offers a range of workshops specifically designed for grassroots talent and those at the start of their music careers. They provide artist-centric guides to best practice and current trends in the business of music.

We have delivered these sessions for a variety of industry partners including the Musicians’ Union, Trac, Help Musicians UK, The Great Escape and Swn.

Details of our existing workshops are given below. We can also develop bespoke sessions to suit an organisation’s specific needs. To discuss these services email

Our consultancy unit CMU Insights also offers a programme of seminars and masterclasses for those already working in the music industry, as well as in-house training services for music companies. Click here for more info.


Each CMU:DIY workshop is a two-hour session, although these can be extended to include more practical exercises and discussion, and/or a Q&A component also involving music industry professionals.

Making Money From Music
If an artist wants to give up the day job and focus on their music full time, they need to turn their music into revenue. This workshop provides an overview of the main ways in which artists make money and an introduction to the companies they work with as they grow their artist businesses.

Sorting Out Your Music Rights
The minute you write a song or record a track you have created a copyright – so welcome to the copyright business! This workshop talks you through the basics of music copyright, introducing the controls that come with the copyright, and explaining how music rights make money.

Understanding The Digital Music Market
Streaming is the biggest and fastest growing recorded music revenue stream, though the ins and outs of the streaming business are quite complicated. This workshop explains how it all works, and how early-career artists can get streamed, get paid and utilise all the data the platforms provide.

Getting Started & Getting Noticed
Getting your artist business started means sorting out some formalities, setting up your digital channels and then starting the tricky task of building a fanbase. And that usually begins by playling live. This workshop provides a practical guide to getting an artist business set-up and under way.

Introducing The Record Industry
This workshop provides a beginner’s guide to how sound recordings make money, including how the recording copyright works and the different products and services the record industry sells. Plus record companies, record deals and the key roles at a record label.

Introducing The Music Publishing Sector
This workshop provides a beginner’s guide to how songs make money, including how the song copyright works and the different products and services the music publishing sector sells. Plus music publishers, publishing deals and the role PRS and MCPS play.

Introducing The Live Music Sector
This session looks at the live side of the music industry, considering the different ways artists and their business partners generate income from gigs, what DIY acts need to know about putting on their own shows, and the role booking agents, promoters, venues and ticketing firms play.