The CMU:DIY Lectures

A series of lectures of music and music business students

CMU:DIY offers a range of lectures for music and music business students. We provide these lectures to a variety of colleges and universities around the UK, including BIMM, Notting Hill Academy Of Music, the National Film & Television School, Soundskool and Middlesex University. We can also deliver these lectures at events aimed at future music talent.

There are a variety of lectures to choose from, each of which is outlined below. You can access slides and notes that accompany these lectures here.

For more advanced students with an existing knowledge of the music industry and who are seeking to understand current challenges and trends, we can also deliver the CMU Insights Speed Briefings, which we also present at music conferences around the world.

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CMU:DIY currently offers five off-the-shelf lectures, each of which runs for about an hour. These are aimed at aspiring artists and songwriters or those considering a career in the music business.

01: Making Money From Music | NOTES
This lecture provides a concise overview of the music industry, looking at the artist’s key revenue streams and introducing the companies artists are likely to work with along the way.

02: Music Licensing | NOTES
This lecture covers the basics of music copyright in slightly more detail and then looks at the collective licensing system: how it works and how DIY artists can work with the key collecting societies.

03: The Streaming Business | NOTES
This lecture provides a beginner’s guide to the streaming business, considering key services, explaining how digital royalties are calculated and paid, and offering tips for young artists about how to get their music online.

04: Building A Fan Business – Direct-To-Fan | NOTES
This lecture reviews an artist’s key revenue streams and then looks in more detail at the direct-to-fan relationship, considering how new artists can build a fanbase and develop an artist business specifically aimed at that audience.

05: Getting Your Artist Business Started | NOTES
This lecture offers practical tips for young artists about getting the business side of their careers started, in ten simple steps.