The CMU:DIY Lectures

A series of lectures of music and music business students

CMU:DIY offers a range of lectures for music and music business students covering music revenues, the streaming market, copyright and direct-to-fan.

We deliver them at a variety of colleges and universities including BIMM, Berklee College Of Music, Notting Hill Academy Of Music, the National Film & Television School and Confetti.

Details of our current CMU:DIY lectures are given below. To discuss these services email


Making Money From Music | RESOURCES
This lecture provides a concise overview of the music business and the music industry, looking at how artist’s build businesses and careers around their music-making, and the business partners they work with along the way.

It covers…
• Why we need music to make money.
• The key revenue streams.
• Intellectual property revenue streams.
• Live performance revenue streams.
• Fan relationship revenue streams.
• An artist’s key business partners.

The Streaming Business | RESOURCES
This lecture provides a beginner’s guide to the streaming business, helping artists understand how they can get their music on all the key platforms, and how they get paid when their music is played.

It covers…
• The record industry’s shift to streams.
• The key streaming platforms today.
• Some copyright basics.
• How digital licensing works.
• How digital royalties are calculated.

We can also deliver the CMU Insights speed briefings for music and music business students – find out more about the current speed briefings here.