The CMU:DIY Guides provide a basic overview of various different aspects of the music business, explaining each of those aspects in five easy steps.

We also regularly present lecture versions of these CMU:DIY Guides to music and music business students around the UK and beyond, at music industry conferences and events, and in partnership with industry trade bodies and talent development organisations.

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Making Money From Music | READ
This guide provides a concise overview of the different ways music-makers make money from their music making – and the different business partners they work with along the way.

Music Copyright Explained | READ
This guide provides a beginner’s guide to music copyright, explaining how copyright law gives music-makers control over their songs and recordings, and how those controls can be utilised to generate income.

Music Streaming Explained | READ
This guide provides a beginner’s guide to the streaming business, explaining the deals streaming services do with the music industry and how streaming royalties are calculated each month.

The Streaming Debate Explained | READ
This guide reviews the big and ongoing debate around the economics of streaming, outlining some of the issues that have been raised within the wider music community and the solutions that have been proposed.

Record Deals Explained | READ
This guide looks at how artists go about monetising their recordings, and at the role of music distributors and record labels, and the different kinds of deals artists can now do around their recorded music.

Making Money From Live Music | READ
This guide looks at how artists make money from their live shows, how to get a live career started, and the key business partners artists work with in the live music sector.

Building A Fanbase | READ
This guide looks at how early-career artists need to kick-start the fanbase building process themselves and what that involves, plus the marketing role a label may play as things start to gain momentum.

Music Data Explained | READ
This guide looks at all the kinds of music rights data that are essential to ensure music-makers get paid, and at all the kinds of fan data that can help an artist build a fanbase and grow their own artist business.