Artist:Entrepreneur Day

Artist:Entrepreneur Day Online with Help Musicians on Saturday 26 September 2020

Last updated on: Friday 4 September 2020

The Artist:Entrepreneur Day from FAC and CMU returns with support from Help Musicians – taking place online on Saturday 26 Sep 2020.

The day will be hosted by artist entrepreneurs Eckoes, ShaoDow and Rosie Bans, who will each let you inside their individual artist businesses. They will be joined by CMU’s Chris Cooke and a team of music industry experts to provide insights, ideas and lots of practical advice.

That includes Abigail McQuater from Help Musicians, Chloé van Bergen from Secretly Group, Claire Rose from PRS For Music, Dan Garber from Tape Music Company, Jessie Scoullar from Wicksteed Works, Joel Dipple from Sentric Music, Marla Altschuler from Cantine, Nick Eziefula from Simkins LLP, Sam Cantlon from Raygun Records, Susan Montgomery from 23rd Precinct Music and Terence Daniel from PPL.

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The day runs from 12.00pm-5.30pm on Zoom – ticket-holders will be sent a link on the day. Check out what we’ll cover below and look out for details about some of the other people speaking going live soon.

12.00-1.30pm Making Money From Your Songs & Recordings
If you’ve written a song, you have created a copyright. If you’ve recorded a track, you have created another copyright. Welcome to the copyright business!

Get CMU:DIY’s A:E Guide to music copyright. Then watch each of our FAC artist entrepreneurs dissect one of their tracks. What rights are contained within? Who owns those rights? Where are those tracks streaming? How did they make money?

PLUS find out the different ways you can make money from your songs and recordings – from streaming to selling discs direct-to-fan to the money that comes in via collecting societies PRS and PPL.

2.00-3.30pm Building And Connecting With A Fanbase
Building a successful artist business means finding and engaging a fanbase. An assortment of social and direct-to-fan platforms will help you connect with your fans, find out more about your fans, use your fans to find new fans, and ultimately generate extra revenue around your music.

Get CMU:DIY’s A:E Guide to all the different channels you might want to consider and how you might use them.

Then find out how our artist entrepreneurs utilise the different platforms and how they’ve been able to generate income through direct-to-fan activity, especially during the COVID-19 period.

PLUS hear from digital marketing and direct-to-fan experts and get their tips on how to grow your audience online and what you can do to get the most out of your direct-to-fan channels.

4.00-5.30pm Choosing Your Business Partners
As your artist business grows, you’ll need to start working with other people – and companies – to unlock all your potential revenue streams.

Get CMU:DIY’s A:E Guide to the music industry, and learn more about the suppliers and business partners you might want to work with.

Then hear from some key business partners and find out what services they offer and on what terms.

PLUS find out how our FAC artist entrepreneurs have put together their teams. What companies do they work with? How did they choose their partners and why does it work for them?

The Artist:Entrepreneur Day is just one way the FAC supports artists. It also runs a wide range of other educational and networking events, as well as providing the wider artist community with a collective voice. For more information check the FAC website here.

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For full information on the wider A:E programme click here.