Artist:Entrepreneur Day

Artist:Entrepreneur Day at Pivotal 2019

Last updated on: Friday 16 August 2019

FAC has teamed up with AWAL to bring the Artist:Entrepreneur Day to the Pivotal music conference in Birmingham on Friday 27 Sep.

The day is hosted by artist entrepreneurs Emma McGann, Eckoes and ShaoDow alongside CMU:DIY’s Chris Cooke.

The A:E sessions will all take place at FAC x AWAL House and will be open to everyone with a Pivotol pass. Find out about the sessions we will present below. Click here for tickets.

For full information on the A:E programme click here.

CMU Insights is also presenting another strand of sessions at Pivotal at CMU House – click here to find out about them.

11.30am-12.15pm Making Money From Your Music
FAC, AWAL and CMU:DIY team up to present the Artist:Entrepreneur Day at Pivotal. Artist entrepreneurs Emma McGann, Eckoes and ShaoDow will each open up their artist businesses so you can see how things work on the inside.

In this first session, they talk to CMU’s Chris Cooke about their music, their brand, their business, their career to date and – most importantly of all – how they make money from music. 

12.30pm-1.30pm Making Money From Your Songs And Recordings
In this Artist:Entrepreneur session we put the focus on how artists make money out of copyright. If you’ve written a song, you have created a copyright. If you’ve recorded a track, you have created another copyright. Welcome to the copyright business!

Get CMU:DIY’s A:E Guide to music copyright. Then artist entrepreneurs Emma McGann, Eckoes and ShaoDow will each dissect one of their tracks. What rights are contained within? Who owns those rights? Where are those tracks streaming? How did they make money?

PLUS find out what PRS For Music and PPL do with Claire Rose (PRS) and Joe Shergold (PPL), and get practical tips on getting your recorded music online and out to the wider world from AWAL’s VP Community Phil Loutsis.

2.15pm-3.00pm Making Money From Your Shows
In this Artist:Entrepreneur session we put the focus on live. For many established artists today touring is the key revenue stream, though at the outset gigging is as much about marketing as it is money. Getting your live career going requires a little experimentation, both creatively and commercially.

CMU:DIY provides a speedy overview of the live music industry. Then find out more about the live careers of each of our FAC artist entrepreneurs as they talk us through a recent gig or tour.

Who promoted the show? Who laid out the cash? Who sold the tickets? What happened on stage? Did the artist make any money? Did they sign up any more fans? And why is stagecraft such an important part of both your artistic development and ensuring your artist brand stands out? Find out what our artist entrepreneurs did and what they learned.

PLUS get practical tips galore about putting on shows and getting gigs from promoter Adam Regan and booking agent Phyllis Belezos.

3.15pm-4.00pm Building Your Brand & Fan Business
Building your artist business means creating a brand and finding a fanbase. Then you’ll have an audience to stream your music and buy your tickets. Plus, you’ll be able to start selling stuff directly to your fanbase, at gigs and online. But what do we even mean by a ‘brand’? At what point do musicians have to get visual? Which social media and digital channels matter?

CMU:DIY talks you through the basics, and then each of our FAC artist entrepreneurs will reveal how they developed their individual brand and visual identity. Did they collaborate with designers and photographers? What channels did they employ? What direct-to-fan platforms do they use and why?

PLUS get practical tips galore about building an audience, managing your fanbase, reaching out to media and influencing streaming service playlisters from Wicksteed Works founder Jessie Scoullar, Output Communications Director Kel Murray and AWAL’s Digital Accounts Manager Hannah Beeching.

4.15pm-5.15pm Choosing Your Business Partners
As your artist business grows, you’ll need to start working with other people – and companies – to unlock all your potential revenue streams.

Get CMU:DIY’s A:E guide to the music industry, and learn more about the suppliers and business partners you might want to work with. Then hear from some key business partners and find out what services they offer and on what terms, including: AWAL’s Director Of Label Management Will Edge, Kobalt’s Senior Manager Creative & Clearance Carly Spratt, Fat Penguin Management Director Chris Rogers and music lawyer Alex Cole from Russells.

PLUS find out how our FAC artist entrepreneurs have put together their teams. What companies do they work with? How did they choose their partners and why does it work for them?