CMU:DIY x Urban Development

CMU:DIY teams up with Urban Development for the monthly Industry Takeover Seminar

Every month CMU:DIY teams up with Urban Development to co-host the Industry Takeover Seminar at the Red Bull Studios in London. Each edition is focused on a different topic and taps into the knowledge of a panel of industry experts.

CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke kicks off the proceedings with an overview of the featured topic, after which the panel offer insights, opinions and practical tips. There is then plenty of time for questions and networking.

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in association with CMU:DIY – 2017 Sessions

01: Making Money From Music
Tuesday 24 Jan | POST-EVENT BLOG
Join us for this beginners guide to the music industry. Learn about the different ways artists make money – including recordings, songs, merchandise, gigs, brand partnerships and the fan relationship – plus the companies they work with along the way.

02: Getting Started And Building A Team
Tuesday 21 Feb | POST-EVENT BLOG
Brand new artists need to make things happen for themselves by adopting a DIY approach at the outset of their careers. But how do you make recordings, get them distributed, capture a fanbase and build a team on a budget?

03: Building A Fanbase: Social & Music Media
Tuesday 21 Mar | POST-EVENT BLOG
Social media and other digital tools are vital for capturing and growing your fanbase. Find out which social media and digital channels matter, and how to get the most out of them on a limited budget. Plus when should you start reaching out to magazines and radio, and how do you do that?

04: Making & Monetising Video Content
Tuesday 18 Apr | POST-EVENT BLOG
Video content is more important than ever for building an audience for your music. But how can you make great video content on a budget? Are we talking videos for your tracks, live and acoustic sessions, or backstage chat? Find out, and also learn how to distribute your videos and how to monetise your YouTube channel.

05: Getting A Gig
Tuesday 16 May | POST-EVENT BLOG
New artists need to build a fanbase, and the best way to do that is to get on stage. But how do you stage a gig or club night, and how do you get booked by promoters, venues and festivals?

06: Where Labels & Publishers Fit In
Tuesday 20 Jun | POST-EVENT BLOG
Most artists still seek to work with a label or a publisher at some point in their career. But what exactly do labels and publishers do, what to record and publishing deals look like, and how do you get your music in front of the decision makers?

You can read about past editions of the UD Industry Takeover Seminars and the UD Industry Takeover All-Dayer, and download the slides presented by CMU:DIY at each event, on the CMU:DIY blog here.