A day of talks and interviews on how to build a business around your music.

The first edition of Music:DIY took place as part of Norwich Sound + Vision 2017 at Norwich Arts Centre hosted by FAC’s Roxanne de Bastion and CMU’s Chris Cooke and with guests: Stuart Belsham PRS For Music, George Bacon PPL, Sam Taylor TuneCore, Rosie Arnold Norwich Sound + Vision, Paul Reed Association Of Independent Festivals, Will Spencer Music Glue, Adam Hill Alphabet Bands, Kirsty Booth Music Publishers Association, Chloe Forsyth Harbottle Lewis, and artists ShaoDow, Eckoes and Dave Rowntree.

You can download the slides presented by CMU:DIY here.


• Any artist who wants to make a living out of their music needs to think like a small business. Which means, once you have some songs written and tracks recorded, it’s time to start getting the business side sorted.

• Music:DIY will explain how you can make money out for your music – both straight away and in the future – and what you should be doing now to ensure your artist business can realise its potential.

• To succeed as an artist you need to build and engage a fanbase, and that process begins the very first time you get on stage to perform. We’ll talk you through what you should be doing now to start recruiting and connecting with future fans.

• Truly unlocking your business potential will ultimately require working with a number of music companies. So we’ll also tell you what companies are out there, what they all do, what they want in return, and when you might want to engage their services.

• Music:DIY combines both talks and interviews, with music industry experts sharing their knowledge and expertise on how new artists can get their businesses started, and loads of practical tips and advice along the way.

• Music:DIY is the essential guide for all aspiring artists, songwriters and record producers, and anyone interested in working in the new music business. Across the day we’ll show you that ‘DIY’ is less about ‘do it yourself’ and more about ‘do it your-way’.


01 Welcome
We get the day started and run through what’s ahead.

02 Making Money From Your Music
If you want to give up the day job and focus on your music full time, you need to find ways to make money from your music. There are three main ways to do it: intellectual property, live performance and the fan relationship. To get things started, we’ll explain what each of these involve.

03 Making Money From Your Songs And Recordings
If you’ve written a song, you have created a copyright. If you’ve recorded a track, you have created another copyright. Welcome to the copyright business! Find out how copyright works, how you know who owns any one song or recording, what happens when you collaborate, and how copyrights make money. Plus…

• What is collective licensing all about – and where do PPL, PRS and MCPS fit in? We’ll introduce the collecting societies.

• When and where should your music be streaming? We’ll provide a beginners guide to digital distribution and how streaming services pay you.

04 Making Money From Your Shows
For many established artists today touring is the key revenue stream, though at the outset gigging is as much about marketing as it is money. We’ll explain how the gigs business works, and talk you through all you need to know about putting on your own shows and getting booked to play other people’s gig and club nights, support slots and festivals.

05 Building Your Fan Business
Every artist has the same business plan: build a fanbase, understand your fanbase, and then sell them stuff!

We provide some top tips for how to use social media and other digital channels to grow your fanbase and connect with your audience. Plus…

• When you should start reaching out to music media – blogs, magazines, websites, radio, YouTube channels – and what your opening pitch should be.

• How you can start to monetise the online fan relationship with a direct-to-fan store selling downloads, tickets and merchandise.


06 Choosing Your Business Partners
As your artist business grows, you’ll need to start working with other people – and companies – to unlock all your potential revenue streams.

From collecting societies to distributors to labels to publishers to agents to promoters to management and beyond, we talk you through the business partners you might involve in your artist business. Find out about…

• How an artist’s different deals work from a legal perspective and when new artists should be seeking legal advice.

• The role played by certain key business parterns that we put ‘in the spotlight’.

• How guest artists have decided which business partners to work with, and what they learned along the way.

07 How The Money Flows
With artists looking to work with a plethora of collaborators and business partners during their career, what happens to the money as it flows through the system? We review a number of the key revenue streams already explained earlier in the day and watch what happens to the cash.

08 Artists In Conversation
Bringing together everything we’ve learned over the day, we chat to our guest artists about their music making and the business of music.

09 Music:DIY Action Plan
We wrap up the day with ten action points – things to do now to get your artist business started.