CMU + FAC present Artist:Entrepreneur Day

Building a career and business around your music.

The Featured Artists Coalition and CMU:DIY will next month present the first ever Artist:Entrepreneur Day, as part of the City Roots festival in Cambridge on Thursday 1 Mar.

This new event aimed at aspiring artists and future industry talent will see three artist entrepreneurs open up their respective artist businesses and discuss their decisions and experiences to date. The artist entrepreneurs leading this first edition are Roxanne de Bastion, ShaoDow and Eckoes.

Each artist entrepreneur will discuss how they manage and monetise their music rights, their experiences gigging and touring, how they developed their brand and identity, and which channels are most effective for engaging fans. They will also discuss how they chose the business partners they currently work with, and what role each partner plays.

Joining the artist entrepreneurs will be ten music industry experts who will offer practical advice on the business side of music, and explain how they support the artists they work with. Alongside that, CMU:DIY will present five new A:E Guides helping attendees understand music revenues, music rights and the music business.

AE:Day Cambridge takes place at the Portland Arms from 9.30am-4.30pm on Thursday 1 Mar. Tickets are free.



• Any artist who wants to make a living out of their music today needs to think like a small business. Which means, once you have some songs written and tracks recorded, it’s time to start getting the business side sorted.

• The Artist:Entrepreneur Day from FAC and CMU:DIY is a practical guide to building a long-term career and sustainable business around your music.

• With knowledge shared artist-to-artist, you’ll hear and learn from fellow artist entrepreneurs who will let you inside their careers and their businesses throughout the day, explaining: how they make and monetise their music, how they built and evolved a brand, how they found and engaged a fanbase, and how they decided which suppliers and business partners to work with along the way.

• The Artist:Entrepreneur Day also includes five Artist:Entrepreneur Guides from CMU:DIY. These new A:E Guides have been created by CMU:DIY specifically for FAC and the Artist:Entrepreneur Day. Together they provide all the basic information you need on five different aspects of the music business, including: revenue streams, music rights, gigging, digital channels and business partners.

• PLUS hear from leading experts in the music industry – including labels, publishers, collecting societies, promoters, agents, managers, lawyers and digital experts – find out what they do, what they offer artists, and when and how you might want to get them on board.


01 Welcome
Meet your hosts: a team of artist entrepreneurs from the Featured Artists Coalition who will let you see inside their artist businesses throughout the day. Find out about their music, their brand, their business, and their career to date.

02 Making Money From Your Music
How can you make money out of music? Find out with CMU:DIY’s A:E Guide To Music Revenues, and learn about how artists generate income by creating and administering intellectual property, staging live performance and monetising the fan relationship.

03 Making Money From Your Songs And Recordings
First we put the focus on copyright. If you’ve written a song, you have created a copyright. If you’ve recorded a track, you have created another copyright. Welcome to the copyright business!

Get CMU:DIY’s A:E Guide To Music Copyright. Then watch each of our FAC artist entrepreneurs dissect one of their tracks. What rights are contained within? Who owns those rights? Where are those tracks streaming? How did they make money?

PLUS find out what PRS For Music and PPL do and get practical tips on how you can protect your music and earn money via these two organisations.

04 Making Money From Your Shows
Next, live. For many established artists today touring is the key revenue stream, though at the outset gigging is as much about marketing as it is money. Getting your live career going requires a little experimentation, both creatively and commercially.

CMU:DIY provides a speedy overview of the live music industry. Then find out more about the live careers of each of our FAC artist entrepreneurs as they talk us through a recent gig or tour.

Who promoted the show? Who laid out the cash? Who sold the tickets? What happened on stage? Did the artist make any money? Did they sign up any more fans? And why is stagecraft such an important part of both your artistic development and ensuring your artist brand stands out? Find out what our artist entrepreneurs did and what they learned.

PLUS we talk to a promoter and an agent to get their tips on how to put on shows and get gigs – and also what, exactly, the promoter and agent do.

05 Building Your Brand & Fan Business
Building your artist business means creating a brand and finding a fanbase. Then you’ll have an audience to stream your music and buy your tickets. Plus, you’ll be able to start selling stuff directly to your fanbase, at gigs and online. But what do we even mean by a ‘brand’? At what point do musicians have to get visual? Which social media and digital channels matter?

CMU:DIY talks you through the basics, and then each of our FAC artist entrepreneurs will reveal how they developed their individual brand and visual identity. Did they collaborate with designers and photographers? What channels did they employ? What direct-to-fan platforms do they use and why?

PLUS learn from brand, social, direct-to-fan, tech and PR specialists on how to find, engage with and talk to an audience. What tools are available to you? Find out how to identify real fans amongst the ‘likes’ and how to build that fanbase.


06 Choosing Your Business Partners
As your artist business grows, you’ll need to start working with other people – and companies – to unlock all your potential revenue streams.

Get CMU:DIY’s A:E Guide To The Music Industry, and learn more about the suppliers and business partners you might want to work with. Then hear from a label, a publisher, a manager and a lawyer and find out what services they offer and on what terms.

PLUS find out how our FAC artist entrepreneurs have put together their teams. What companies do they work with? How did they choose their partners and why does it work for them?

07 How The Money Flows
With artists looking to work with a plethora of collaborators and business partners during their career, what happens to the money as it flows through the system? Bringing together everything we’ve learned so far today, we look at how money gets shared out between artists and their business partners as it moves through the system from music consumer to music maker.

08 In Conversation: From Me To You
Every artist is different and so every artist business will develop differently too. Now that you know the basics, you need to work out how to do it your way.

Getting to learn from the personal experiences of other artists is invaluable, but it can be hard to get access to those career stories. The FAC invites a well established artist to share personal insights from their journey to success. We wrap up the day with our FAC artist entrepreneurs in conversation with that artist, with each other and with you.