CMU + FAC present Artist:Entrepreneur Day

Building a career and business around your music.

The Artist:Entrepreneur programme from the Featured Artists Coalition and CMU:DIY is a series of artist-led events that provide important information and practical advice to help you build a long-term career and sustainable business around your music.

We stage the full Artist:Entrepreneur Day across the UK in partnership with local venues, festivals and educational organisations, plus present the Meet The Artist:Entrepreneurs session at events across the world.

The A:E programme is made possible because of the kind support of our industry partners AIM, PPL, AWAL and Help Musicians, and our host partners including Cambridge Live, Islington Assembly Hall, Brighter Sound, English Folk Expo and Beirut & Beyond.


At the Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival

FAC’s Lucie Caswell and CMU’s Chris Cooke discuss how artists can build an audience and develop their own artist businesses – in the Middle East and globally – with musicians Tarek Yamani and Firas Abou Fakher and Sony Music’s Joel De’ath. CLICK HERE for more details about the full professional programme at Beirut & Beyond.

In partnership with Help Musicians NI

The Featured Artists Coalition and CMU:DIY bring A:E Day to Belfast for the first time on Saturday 26 Jan in partnership with Help Musicians NI, and with support from AIM, PPL and AWAL. Look out for details of our artist hosts and guest speakers here soon.

For information about past editions of the Artist:Entrepreneur Day and who took part click here.


• Any artist who wants to make a living out of their music today needs to think like a small business. Which means, once you have some songs written and tracks recorded, it’s time to start getting the business side sorted.

• The Artist:Entrepreneur programme from the Featured Artists Coalition and CMU:DIY is a practical guide to building a long-term career and sustainable business around your music.

• With knowledge shared artist-to-artist, you’ll hear and learn from fellow artist entrepreneurs who will let you inside their careers and their businesses, explaining: how they make and monetise their music, how they built and evolved a brand, how they found and engaged a fanbase, and how they chose suppliers and business partners to work with along the way.

• The A:E events also include the Artist:Entrepreneur Guides from CMU:DIY. These help you navigate and understand the business of music, providing insight and information that will inform your own artist business. The artist entrepreneurs taking part in each event will then bring this insight and information to life with their own examples and experiences.

• The Artist:Entrepreneur Day is a full-day programme that also features interviews with numerous music industry people explaining the role each artist business partner plays. Check the full schedule of A:E Day here.

• The shorter Meet The Artist:Entrepreneurs session features many of the key elements of the full day, including some A:E Guides, plenty of artist-to-artist insights and industry guests.


The Artist:Entrepreneur Day is just one way the FAC supports artists. It also runs a wide range of other educational and networking events, as well as providing the wider artist community with a collective voice. For more information check the FAC website here.